Project Rise

Project Rise is the Codename for our first project, to be formally announced in 2024. While we will be keeping specifics under wraps, we will share some details about the project here over the next few months. Also, check back for design writeups by the team that will help build the foundation for what to expect from the game once announced.



Blog Posts:

At this point in the project we need to be fairly tight lipped about the specifics of Project Rise but there are plenty of details I can share to help whet your appetite for the game.


What Project Rise is:

  • Session based

  • Every session is completely unique and player decisions impact the game for everyone

  • PvPvE


What Project Rise is NOT:

  • Pay to win or pay to progress or pay to unlock content

    • While there will be ways to spend money in the game, none have any impact on a player's power

  • Power progression through grinding

    • While there will be plenty of achievements and content elements that can be unlocked through playing long hours, none of them will result in a statistical advantage in the game. No progression grinding and no gear grinding

  • Open marketplace

    • While this appeals to some players, allowing open trading tends to attracts the wrong type of players that eventually toxify the community. We are looking for people who play for the fun of the game, not those looking to make money off of it