Pangaea is a new studio formed by gamers, for gamers. The team averages over 15 years of experience per member with 4 team different team members having been around long enough to have shipped games on floppy disks. Despite being “old as dirt,” the team is still super passionate about both playing games and making them!

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Our goal at Pangaea is to create everlasting games that break down the walls between genres—games that are just as compelling 10 years later as they are on day one. Slayscape is precisely that kind of game! It's a free-to-play, roguelike, first-person battle royale incorporating elements of card collection and classic RPGs. Dungeon content is procedurally generated, allowing every player to modify and adjust their experience based on the cards they play before each session. Stylized visuals ensure that the game looks good today and will continue to look good for years to come. Designed for cross-platform play with simple controls perfect for keyboard & mouse, gamepad controller, or Steam Deck!

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Battle Royale, Roguelike, RPG, Card Collector | Win/OSX/Linux/PS5/Xbox One/Tablets

Slayscape targets the mid-core audience while including many features and “first-person shooter optimizations” that will satisfy the most hardcore competitors. Features include frequent ticks-per-second server updates, server-side logic to ensure fair play and a high level of competitiveness, and servers-side limits to player awareness. Hardcore players will appreciate Slayscape's “extraction-like” elements and “winner-takes-most” mechanics, with twitch-friendly gameplay that celebrates their personal skill and rewarding them for their prowess.

Other features include a player alliance system that will give strategically-minded heroes an advantage over their enemies, opportunities for players who die to return to the same game as Player-Monsters and get revenge on their killers for alternate rewards, and a minimum reward for even those players that don't “win” by killing the final boss or escaping the dungeon but still finish a session. Exciting new character classes, powerful traits, and even alternative monster options are unlocked through normal gameplay mechanics.

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More than 2 centuries and 50 games of combined experience across PC's, consoles, mobile, web, MMO's, and smart toys. Members on the Pangaea team have played critical roles in 10 different MMO's. We'll soon be expanding the team so watch for new additions in the near future!


“A three-time company founder with an ivy league MBA, Joe leads the team on all business fronts.”

Joe Scott



“With over 30 years as an industry leader, Chris oversees our development and design vision.”

Chris Spears



“With over 30 years experience and more than a dozen shipped titles, Damon can do it all.”

Damon Waldrip

Art Director


“With more than 23 years in the industry and 8 MMO games, Keith is no stranger to game design!”

Keith Quinn

Lead Designer


“With a decade of experience, multiple launched MMO's, and a PhD, our lead server engineer is both outstanding and a standout in his field.”

Stealth Lead Server Engineer

Lead Server Engineer


“30 years as a successful project manager in the game industry. They don't get any better...”

Stealth Executive Producer

Executive Producer


“An experienced veteran of the gaming industry.”

Stealth Coder



“A skilled coder with many years of experience in video games.”

Stealth Coder



“3D modeler, worldbuilder, and level designer—a triple threat!”

Stealth Artist



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